GFPV, FOLK GROUP. ArtBase Bruxelles

ArtBase Bruxelles, GFPV, FOLK GROUP. 17 juin à 20h00

Last year the warm resonance of Jasmijn Lootens’ cello was added to GFVP, beautifully complementing the swinging folk style of Naomi Vercauteren on violin and the harmonic support of Jeroen Knapen on guitar, with Wouter Vandenabeele fluently blending all these styles together. This spring Shalan Alhamwy’s violin and Elias Bachoura’s Arabic lute will add an enchanting Syrian touch to their already very diverse repertoire.

Violin : Naomi Vercauteren, Shalan Alhamwy, Wouter Vandenabeele

Cello : Jasmijn Lootens

Guitar : Jeroen Knapen

Oud : Elias Bachoura


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